Are You Worried About Protecting Your Business Without Stifling Your Growth and Incurring Unexpected legal Fees?

With Hood Venture Counsel, you get a law firm that’s laser-focused on providing you with the utmost legal protection while also helping you grow your bottom line.

Who We Are

Attorneys Who Say “Yes”

Are you worried about protecting your business without stifling your growth or worrying about unpredictable legal fees? At Hood Venture Counsel, we help you limit your exposure to liability while also maximizing your profits so that you can focus on growing your businesses, protecting your investment, and serving your customers.

Clients hire us because they are concerned about the risks they know are lurking – like badly written contracts, customer disputes, or vulnerable intellectual property – to protect their most critical assets so they can focus on growing their business and serving their customers.

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“Fast. Great work. Good communication. Wonderful personality, too! I had a deadline to meet and not only did Jon meet it, he finished before. With time to spare to review and edit exactly to my liking. All with great communication, attitude and perfect end result.”

– Eric

Legal Packages

Get the Perfect coverage

Ignition Package

For New Companies

10 Hours of Counsel

Includes legal health analysis and roadmap

Entity formation, Trademark application, Employee and contractor agreements, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and more

Launch Package

10 Hours of Counsel per Month

Includes legal health analysis and roadmap

Review and negotiate agreements, Identify potential business risk factors, Protect your intellectual property, and more

Climb Package

20 Hours of Counsel per Month

Includes legal health analysis and roadmap

Manage your contract portfolio, Prepare for and close third-party investments, Manage your trademark and copyright portfolio, Assist with corporate compliance, Help plan proactively for exit, and more

Orbit Package

40 Hours of Counsel per Month

Includes legal health analysis and roadmap

Act as your legal quarterback, Handle corporate compliance, Proactively protect your intellectual property, Prepare for and handle the sale or acquisition of your business, Integrate with your core management team, and more