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3 Reasons to Consider a Legal Service Package Over Hourly Billing

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Small businesses face a consistent dilemma when it comes to legal services. Hiring a full-time GC is out of the question – not only is it much too expensive, but very few early-stage companies need a full-time attorney – but paying an attorney by the hour can also be surprisingly cost-prohibitive, resulting in large and unpredictable legal bills and putting a sizable dent in your budget.

Fortunately, there’s a better solution. I’m excited to share that Hood Venture Counsel is now offering several fixed-fee legal packages specially designed to meet the specific needs of small businesses like yours.

Why should you consider choosing a legal services package instead paying by the hour? Let’s go over three key reasons:

1. A legal package gives you a predictable fixed budget for legal services.

Instead of having to worry about budget surprises, you’ll be in control and know exactly what your legal expenses will be each month. You won’t have to worry about an unexpected bill from your attorney or mounting fees due to frequent phone calls and emails.

2. Legal packages are surprisingly affordable.

When you consider billable hours versus a fixed rate, our legal packages are considerably less expensive per hour than comparable billable hours. (Not to mention they’re MUCH more affordable than an in-house GC would be.) All told, you’ll be paying less for the legal counsel and services you need.

3. Get the legal advice you need without fighting the clock.

A legal package gives you a set amount of time each month to connect with your lawyer, and you can use that time however you need it. This gives you the time you need to review items with your attorney proactively before they turn into problems. It also gives you greater peace of mind when talking to your attorney because you’re not worried about how much each minute is costing you.

We’ve designed these packages because we believe businesses should not have to forego legal counsel for budget reasons. And because your legal needs evolve over time, we’ve got several legal packages to accommodate businesses at every stage of growth. I’d love the chance to share more about how legal packages could benefit your company. To learn more, email me at [email protected] and we’ll set up a time to chat.

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