Climb Legal package

Includes legal health analysis and roadmap.

Do you have an established business, and you now find yourself dealing with legal and compliance issues that you’re unfamiliar with and worried about – and you’d like some help? As businesses grow, they tend to solve their early-stage problems only to find themselves faced with a whole new host of issues. We’ve shepherded clients through this stage before, and know how to help you stay on track.

Our Climb Package provides a fractional General Counsel who can help with the myriad issues that you face from day to day, and a team that’s ready to jump into action when needed. Additionally, by keeping up to speed on what’s going on, we can identify and help you minimize risk factors before they become bona fide problems.

Includes 20 hours of counsel per month, providing services such as:

  • Manage your contract portfolio, including new agreements and renewals, to ensure you don’t miss a deadline or default on a key provision
  • Prepare for and close third-party investments – everything from negotiating fair terms to making sure investors’ requests are met so the deal closes on time
  • Manage your trademark and copyright portfolio to prevent third-party infringement claims or registration lapses
  • Assist with corporate compliance to keep your entity in good standing
  • Help plan proactively for exit, whether a sale, merger, or IPO

“We needed a terms & conditions and privacy policy written for our startup, which was set to launch in less than 2 weeks. Jonathan was prompt, professional, reliable, and of course delivered quality work. He took the effort to thoroughly understand our product and tailor the legal documents accordingly – but still was able to deliver under a short time frame.”

– Ari