Launch Legal package

Includes legal health analysis and roadmap.

Have you started your business and now find yourself facing a whole new set of challenges? You want to make sure your business is in compliance and that you’re protecting your assets, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on legal fees or have an attorney that hamstrings your efforts to continue growing your business.

That’s where we come in. With our Launch Package, you’ll get a law firm that doesn’t think protecting your company has to come at the expense of your bottom line. We act not only as attorneys, but as strategic advisors to our clients, helping you devise strategies to keep your business on the upswing while shielding you from liability and protecting your intellectual property and other valuable assets.

Includes 10 hours of counsel per month, providing services such as:

  • Review and negotiate vendor and customer agreements to ensure you are protected
  • Advise on employment and HR compliance to protect your company from penalties or lawsuits
  • Identify potential risk factors in your business model
  • Protect your intellectual property from infringement and claims of infringement by third parties
  • Implement corporate best practices to maintain your company’s liability protection and avoid issues that could derail future investments or a sale of your business

“Fast. Great work. Good communication. Wonderful personality, too! I had a deadline to meet and not only did Jon meet it, he finished before. With time to spare to review and edit exactly to my liking. All with great communication, attitude and perfect end result.”

– Eric