Orbit Legal package

Includes legal health analysis and roadmap.

Is your business up and running, but now you have legal issues that are taking up your (and your team’s) valuable time, like evaluating the trade-offs between risk and opportunity? Some examples we’ve seen are:

  • How can we keep track of all our ongoing agreements to make sure we’re on top of our obligations, and to preserve the right to cancel or amend the terms when it makes sense?
  • How can we set up an employee stock option plan to attract top talent while also ensuring that awards are fair and won’t hamstring the company?
  • What are the risks in acquiring an untested company?

Our Orbit Package provides a dedicated fractional General Counsel to help you problem solve, plan for the future, and quarterback legal issues that pop up. We act as a strategic partner and work with your outside counsel and other advisors to make sure your legal strategy is firing on all cylinders.

Includes 40 hours of counsel per month, providing services such as:

  • Act as your legal quarterback by overseeing your legal strategy and managing all outside counsel
  • Handle corporate compliance to ensure your entities remain in good standing
  • Proactively protect your intellectual property by monitoring for potential infringement and ensuring renewal deadlines are met
  • Prepare for and handle the sale or acquisition of your business
  • Integrate with your core management team to ensure alignment among your business goals, legal strategy, and budget

“I’ve contacted Jon to assist us with forming a new partnership agreement. He came back with an alternative approach which made more sense, and has been very helpful and responsive through out entire process of finalizing the agreement. We will together again for sure, and I recommend his services to any start up out there looking for a legal assistance without breaking the bank.”

– Martin