Practice Areas

Below is a sampling of our most popular services. We provide multiple options for working together, including flat-fee, hourly, and retainer arrangements.

A female business owner stands in her boutique clothing shop

Entity Formation

Are you confident that your personal assets are protected from your business liabilities?

Two people reading through a contract and signing


Do your contracts anticipate the risks that are unique to your business?

Terms of Service

Are visitors to your website opening you up to liability you didn’t even know existed?

Person holding a cell phone and adjusting privacy settings

Privacy Matters

How do business owners keep track of all the relevant privacy laws – let alone comply with them?

Trademark on rubber stamp with a stack of papers

Intellectual Property

Your intellectual property is probably unprotected. Or are you unwittingly infringing on someone else’s intellectual property rights?

Three young professionals meet and talk together


You’re ready to raise money. Is your business too risky for investors?

A businessman points a pen to icons of various symbols on a screen


Are you overwhelmed just by hearing the word “compliance?” We regularly come across clients with “FOFO” – fear of finding out. That is, fear of finding out what laws or regulations they’re supposed to comply with but aren’t.

Two businessmen shake hands while others cheer

Mergers & Acquisitions

We work with companies early on to determine what risks are hiding in plain sight – and how to mitigate them well ahead of a merger.

A group of people in a meeting with volunteer notes in the middle

Not for Profits

Want to start a not-for-profit but overwhelmed by the morass of legal and tax regulations?

A young professional sits at a desk working on a laptop

Concierge General Counsel

Need ongoing legal help but don’t want to pay a 6-figure salary or deal with unpredictable legal bills?