À La Carte Legal Services

Concierge General Counsel

Need ongoing legal help but don’t want to pay a 6-figure salary or deal with unpredictable legal bills?

  • Your business is now at the point where you regularly need counsel on the risks and ramifications of your short- and long-term plans, including:
    • When and how to raise money
    • Managing a growing portfolio of contracts
    • Keeping track of your trademark and copyright registrations, and protecting new work as it’s created
    • Raising funds without closing doors for future investments or other opportunities
    • Preparing to buy another business (or to ultimately sell your own)
    • Staying on top of compliance issues, and being kept up-to-date on changes in the law

Our Concierge General Counsel packages offer ongoing legal support at a fraction of the cost of a full-time General Counsel. Review our packages to see which one best fits your business – and let us grow with you!

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With Hood Venture Counsel, you get a law firm that’s laser-focused on providing you with the utmost legal protection while also helping you grow your bottom line.