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The Mistake That Can Tank Your Business

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How retaining virtual legal counsel is a must in avoiding legal issues.

Personal liability, compliance, and intellectual property snafus are a few legal matters startups and small businesses face daily. If not expertly handled, one or all of these elements can trigger lawsuits, audits and even cause you to go out of business.

A worst-case scenario would be having to close your doors due to having to pay damages or high-priced attorneys’ fees after the fact.

Proactively Protect Your Business

To minimize their legal risk, established companies will devote significant resources to building an in-house legal team that can ensure their business is protected. While diligent small business owners realize they should retain experienced legal counsel themselves, doing so is not always financially feasible.

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 So, what is the solution?

Retaining virtual legal counsel is an affordable, flexible way to protect your business before problems spiral out of control. Consulting with an attorney proactively is the best way for small business owners to keep themselves out of hot water by avoiding legal issues from the start.

Hood Venture Counsel – Your Concierge General Counsel

Having witnessed the devastating outcomes that can occur when business owners fail to retain counsel, attorney Jon Hood founded Hood Venture Counsel with an eye toward helping business owners nip problems in the bud. Our firm is dedicated to providing affordable legal services for startups and small businesses.

From forming an LLC or corporation to applying for a trademark, the firm’s Concierge General Counsel service gives you access to all of the services of a high-priced attorney for a low monthly fee. The program covers providing legal advice, handling legal projects, helping avert crises, and just providing an ear when you need one. Read our clients’ success stories on

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There’s no reason to go without legal representation.

Are you a small businesses owner or a lean startup founder? Contact us to receive a complimentary consultation and discover the peace of mind that comes from having full legal representation at a fraction of the price.

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